Australian Airports Association Courses


AAA Courses

The Australian Airports Association has developed interactive and engaging courses that not only meet regulatory requirements but also focus on teaching in a way that ensures a strong retention of information as well as resources that can be accessed when staff are in day to day operational airport situations.

The Australian Airports Association range of online courses are aimed at those personnel employed to ensure that the safe conduct of operations at an Australian aerodrome is maintained.  The course offering includes:

Students can access course material, complete assessments and communicate with our Education team to respond to queries.

Students access a range of interactive screens, video and audio presentations and a number of confirmation slides to measure progress.

Each course includes assessment activities for each module with successful completion leading to the issue of a Certificate of Completion from the Australian Airports Association.

The Australian Airports Association suite of online courses can also be used as an introduction for new employee’s or as a dedicated refresher tool.

The Australian Airports Association makes every effort to ensure that the content of courses offered by us meets the requirements of the listed legislation relevant to industry standards, please note that course content is not offered as an ‘opinion’ but based entirely upon relevant industry references.  The Australian Airports Association conducts a comprehensive review and validation program of every course offering prior to release to ensure accuracy and currency of the material.  The Australian Airports Association advises potential students to ensure that they review their specific organisation operating procedures when implementing information, knowledge and skills acquired from our training services.