The Benefits of Online Training

Why online and not face to face?

There are many reasons to conduct the Australian Airports Association Online suite of courses and not just because it is easy to access.  A common issue around face to face training is that the instructor has a set time and process for delivery and therefore students may feel that they didn’t get all the information.

The alternative is online learning where the student determines the pace of delivery, has the option to review previous material, can log in and out as required and receives the same material delivered in the same manner each time.

For employers this means that every employee has received the exact same training and method of delivery which creates a uniform level of competency.  For our industry it means that persons who have completed this training can be employed across a variety of aerodromes and locations without the need for retraining.

Suit your lifestyle and schedule

Because you can access your online course materials 24/7/365 days a year, you can study whenever it suits you.  So if you have a family to look after, a day job, a night job or you simply function better at two o’clock in the morning, an online course is the obvious solution for you.  You can login and out as many times as you need to, and when you return, your progress is saved, you simply pick up where you left off.

Study when you’re focused

It’s incredibly hard to absorb and process information when you’re distracted by other responsibilities or when you’re tired, unwell, bored or even feeling restless.

Choose your own times of the day or night when you feel fresh and focused and you’ll find learning so much easier.

You’re the only student

When you study online, you are, for all intents and purposes, ‘the only student in the room’.  It’s all about you, your goals, your needs and your outcomes.  This method of delivery allows you to move through the course at your pace, therefore you never get left behind.