NOTAM Awareness Course

The NOTAM Awareness Course

Aerodrome Reporting is the notification of changes to the published aerodrome information or of any other occurrence or emergency affecting the safety of aircraft using the aerodrome and availability of the aerodrome. The occurrences may be known beforehand, as in planned aerodrome works, or discovered during an inspection of the aerodrome or obstacle limitation surfaces. The earlier the reporting is done, the most useful and most able to be effective it will be for the airlines. Correct and current information is important to commercial operators to allow them to maximise the operational benefits provided by the aerodrome facilities.

The Australian Airports Association NOTAM Awareness Course is to be used as a guide only and in conjunction with regulatory documents such as the Manual of Standards Part 139 – Aerodromes. The NOTAM Awareness Course was created to assist all NOTAM originators when submitting NOTAM requests in meeting ICAO and CASA recommendations and requirements.


Where and when: Online when convenient for you

Expected time to complete course: Two (2) hours

Enrolment fee: Free of Charge

Enrolment valid for: Two (2) months from time of first logon

Recognition: Certificate of Completion

Target Audience

The Australian Airports Association NOTAM Awareness Course is recommended for anyone who is required to raise, request, read and manage aerodrome reporting procedures.


The Australian Airports Association NOTAM Awareness Course covers the following topics:

  • Aerodrome legislation and documentation
  • Aerodrome reporting requirements
  • Types of NOTAM
  • NOTAM Conventions
  • Requesting and raising a NOTAM


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NOTAM Awareness Course Features

Interactive screens

Interactive screens that open additional levels of knowledge and background information

Full audio

All screens include audio which the student can listen to or mute as required

Video demonstration

A range of video demonstrations to reinforce teaching points that enable a visualisation of the process

Study when you want

Login and out when you need to and don’t lose progress