ARO/WSO Refresher 2020

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  • ARO/WSO Refresher 2020


The Australian Airports Association ARO/WSO Refresher course covers the following topics

  • Aerodrome legislation and documentation
  • Key roles and responsibilities of aerodrome staff
  • Airside safety, facilities, lighting and markings
  • The use of Notice to Airmen – NOTAM
  • Airside driving, working around aircraft and the obstacle limitation surface
  • Wildlife hazard management
  • Emergency response and airside security
  • The Aerodrome Serviceability Inspection
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ARO/WSO Refresher Course

The Australian Airports Association is pleased to release our new Online Aerodrome Reporting Officer and Works Safety Officer Refresher Course.  The course is aimed at refreshing and confirming skills and knowledge gained from previous learning activities.

The Aerodrome Reporting Officer and Works Safety Officer (ARO/WSO) Online Refresher Course is accessed from the Australian Airports Association Online Learning Portal using an individual username and password.

Students can access course material, complete assessments and communicate with our Education team to respond to queries.

Students are required to complete 6 modules covering the range of information that an ARO/WSO is required to demonstrate.  The material includes a range of interactive screens, video and audio presentations and a number of confirmation slides to measure progress.  It is anticipated that it should take approximately 5 hours to complete all modules

The course includes assessment activities for each module with successful completion leading to the issue of a Certificate of Completion from the Australian Airports Association.


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