Office of Transport Security Regional and Remote Aviation Security Awareness Course

Office of Transport Security Regional and Remote Aviation Security Awareness Course

The Aviation industry plays an important role in Australia’s economy. It connects and employs thousands of people, including in and throughout regional and remote Australia. It supports local businesses and creates job opportunities in a variety of areas including freight, tourism, retail, hospitality and local government. Your airport is part of this fundamental transportation network.

Due to the large number of people who work at and/or travel using Australia’s aviation network, and the high economic impact an event would have on the aviation industry, airports and airlines are potential security targets. Any threat or risk to your local airport can potentially impact all travellers and airport workers.

A strong security system is therefore vital for the protection of Australia’s civil aviation industry and the travelling public. As someone who works at an airport, you have an important responsibility to help contribute to the safety and security of all people working at, or passing through the airport. This package, produced by the Office of Transport Security (OTS), a Division of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, has been produced to assist workers at Australia’s regional and remote security controlled Category 3 – 6 airports, to develop and/or refresh their understanding of their obligations towards contributing to a secure aviation environment.


Where and when: Online when convenient for you

Expected time to complete course: Each topic takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete (Total time for the whole module is three to four (3-4) hours).

Enrolment fee: Free

Enrolment period: Open (You can return to the training at any time to refresh your knowledge)

Recognition: Certificate of Completion

Target Audience

The Office of Transport Security Regional and Remote Aviation Security Awareness course has two modules primarily aimed at people working at Category 3 – 6 Airports.

Module 1 – Regional Aviation Security Awareness: A guide for all airport employees.

Target Audience: All airport staff and contractors.
This module provides all airport staff with general security awareness information to assist them to contribute to a secure airport environment by being vigilant about security threats, reporting necessary information promptly and responding appropriately to a variety of circumstances.

Module 2 – Regional Aviation Security Awareness: Security Manager Guide and Toolkit

Target Audience: Airport Security Managers (and/or other personnel with security responsibilities).
This Module provides Airport Security Managers with guidance on how to design, develop and implement airport security procedures and training for their local airport.


The Office of Transport Security Regional and Remote Aviation Security Awareness course covers the following topics:

Module 1
1. The reasons behind aviation security awareness
2. Airport security is everyone’s responsibility
3. Access measures in and around your airport
4. Physical security measures
5. Identifying and responding to threats
6. Responding to an armed offender

Module 2 (for Managers)
Part A
1. Understanding the legal and regulatory requirements
2. Conducting security assessments
3. Creating a security culture and awareness

Part B
1. Planning for a heightened threat environment


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Office of Transport Security Regional and Remote Aviation Security Awareness Course Features

Interactive screens

Interactive screens that open additional levels of knowledge and background information

Full audio

All screens include audio which the student can listen to or mute as required

Video demonstration

A range of video demonstrations to reinforce teaching points that enable a visualisation of the process

Study when you want

Login and out when you need to and don’t lose progress