The Australian Airports Association is committed to promoting, encouraging and valuing equity and diversity with respect to its students and to providing them with a positive learning environment to achieve success. The Australian Airports Association will ensure services offered are provided in a fair and equitable manner to all students, free from bias.

The Australian Airports Association abides by equal opportunity principles, providing access to the benefits of training and assessment to all students regardless of gender, sex, pregnancy, race, marital status, sexuality, age, family/carer responsibilities, culture, linguistic background, disability, transgender, political conviction or religious belief.

All students have equitable access to training resources and facilities, support services and information, trainers and assessors, learning and assessment materials and opportunities.



To enrol in a training program simply do so via our website www.airporteducation.asn.au
Enrolments will be considered tentative until payment has been received.



All students receive an email to confirm their enrolment. Written confirmation will outline relevant details, such as date of enrolment, subject and access details.


Induction for all new students includes the provision of this manual.



The Australian Airports Association conducts recruitment of students at all times in an ethical, fair and responsible manner using various methods including employer recommendation and direct sales marketing.



The Australian Airports Association maintains an individual file for every student who undertakes any form of training and assessment with us. This file contains records regarding your personal details provided to us and any training and assessment undertaken and completed.

In accordance with Privacy laws and confidentiality requirements, your file is kept in our secure Student Record Management Database. Only those Australian Airports Association personnel who need to have access to your file for training and assessment purposes can access it.

No other person/student can and will have access to your personal student file without your prior written permission. If you would like access to your personal records simply contact the Education Manager.



The Australian Airports Association has a fair and equitable process for dealing with client complaints.

All students have the right to express a concern or problem they may be experiencing when undergoing training.

Should you wish to lodge a complaint, a formal or informal approach should be made by the student to the Education Manager education@airports.asn.au



Australian Airports Association has developed a fair and equitable process for determining course fees, refunds and payment options.



The Australian Airports Association accepts various methods of payment for course fees. Payment for courses can be made in the form of Visa and MasterCard, Direct Deposit via EFT (from invoice) at the Australian Airports Association Website Shop – www.airporteducation.asn.au

For customers seeking to conduct volume enrolments payable on invoice – Direct Deposit via EFT from invoice – please note that access to the course is not granted until payment of invoice is received.

Course fees are payable in advance and enrolments are considered tentative until payment is received.



Please note that once the course is accessed using your issued logon details refunds are not applicable. Contact education@airports.asn.au to discuss options.


The Australian Airports Association abides by the Privacy Act and respects student’s privacy.

The Australian Airports Association is obliged to maintain effective administrative and records management systems. This involves the collection and retention of personal information from students in secure client records. All staff must be scrupulous in using student information only for the purposes for which it was gathered. All students have access to their own records displayed at the Student Dashboard of the LMS via their issued access details.

The Australian Airports Association collects information from clients upon initial enquiry in order to send course information, and is collected at enrolment and during the provision of the training and assessment services. The Australian Airports Association may use personal information to advise clients of upcoming events and training course, for marketing and research purposes. In addition, feedback on services provided through surveys is collected. This feedback assists us to improve the quality of the services and training and is treated confidentially.

The Australian Airports Association will only disclose information to other parties, as required by law, or as otherwise allowed under the Privacy Act 1988. For further information, see the Australian Airports Association Privacy Policy.


Payment of all refunds, to students who are entitled to a refund, are in accordance with the following refund policy.

The Australian Airports Association will strive to maintain its highly competitive fee structure, as well as its fair and equitable refund policy:

» Payment of all refunds is made within one week (seven days) of application for refund.

» With regard to all withdrawals, the Australian Airports Association will firstly encourage a student to enrol on another course, prior to processing refund applications.

» Written notification of withdrawal from a training program must be provided by a student to apply for a refund for a course. This may be via letter, email or the completion of the refund form.

» There is no refund applicable where a client has commenced their course – used their logon details

» There is no refund to participants who do not obtain their recognition after assessment or allow the expiry of their access to occur without seeking an extension form the Australian Airports Association.

» The Australian Airports Association does not accept liability for loss or damage suffered in the event of withdrawal from a course by a student.

» The Australian Airports Association provides a full refund to all students, should there be a need for the Australian Airports Association to remove a course from its LMS that removes access for the student to continue with the course without offering an updated version.



Commencement for online students is the date that online access is provided to an individual student for a particular course.



The Australian Airports Association hopes that your training experience is a pleasurable and fulfilling process, if you have any questions about the content and application of this document please contact education@airports.asn.au